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  • Brand new personal assessments (and specific fixes) so you know exactly what to work on and why.
  • Stretch when and where it truly matters using our exclusive Stretch Matrix

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Can you guess the top 3 areas of concern on the body for most every golfer? That’s right. It’s the shoulders, hips and spine!

Most people don’t know the right techniques to activate their powerful trio.

Every great golf instructor will tell you that your body rotates around your spine. It acts like a pivot point in the golf swing.

Without the correct method of shoulder rotation, you have very little chance of getting your arms in the proper position in your back swing and, sadly, this limits your follow through.

And the hips?

Top players initiate their downswing with the powerful muscles of the abs and hips. Once the desired momentum is generated by the lower body, they use their arm muscles to effectively “fine tune” the swing.

“ If you play a lot of golf, a bad swing habit will exact a physical toll no matter your age or fitness level. In my case, I was placing extreme pressure on my lower spine from rotating my hips too much. This is a common cause of bad backs--and bad shots--for golfers of all levels...because I've spent more time fixing my swing at the gym than on the range, I'm confident the results will be lasting.

-Rickie Fowler (How I fixed my swing at the gym-Golf Digest)

The Body for Golf Promise: Build Your Body for the Demands of the Game and a Natural, Athletic and Effortless Swing Will Emerge

You'll lower your handicap once you learn the secrets behind the body-swing connections so closely held by the playing pros. There is a reason why they ALL work out now and movement patterns that are helping them accelerate their playing performance.

You'll increase your drive distance. The average golfer has a golf swing with numerous energy leaks. Those leaks come from inefficient movement patterns that can be corrected when you know how to move correctly

You'll have more confidence in your swing and your performance on the course. When you practice the movements we suggest, you will be amazed at your new found confidence knowing that your body is the foundation for an effortless and confident swing that lasts a lifetime. 

AND...we will help you AVOID the #1 worst exercise to NEVER do for golf! Every exercise has risk and reward factors. Leave it to our experts to show you the very best exercises you absolutely should be doing along with those to avoid.

In the meantime, please don't do the behind the neck pull down exercise as it is one of the worst exercises with the potential to over rotate your shoulder muscles and place your neck in an unfavorable position. 

Discover the PROVEN #1 Secret to INSTANTLY Improve Your Swing and Hit More Explosive Shots

"Your body AND Your swing are connected."

The Body for Golf 2.0 Program delivers on the previous promises of the original program which has helped build the bodies of almost a quarter of a million golfers around the world. 

It remains a 6 week program specifically designed to increase your drive distance, reduce your handicap, get you the stunning body you crave and the performance you desire. However, Body for Golf 2.0 takes you to a whole new level...here's how. 

With Body for Golf 2.0, we've added:

  • A 10 point physical assessment test designed specifically for golf so you know YOUR strength and flexibility results and what current limits you are facing with your own game. These tests have been used to evaluate current tour professionals, some top college players (and highly respected teams), hundreds of top performing juniors, as well as countless amateurs. 
  • Very specific 'fix it now' exercises, stretches and movement patterns that address your concerns and help you experience the breakthrough you've been looking for. No more wasted time on exercises that don't help or work for you.
  • A powerful Movement Matrix based on the most successful exercise principles of today. A powerful combination of 3 highly targeted golf specific movements will get you on the right track for immediate improvement (plus you'll feel better with all day energy).
  • All new programs that are scientifically proven to accelerate fat burning while improving your strength and flexibility at the same time. 
  • Double the number of available programs so you have a ton more variety whether you like working out at home or the gym or not at all. That's how inspiring these workouts are!
  • Features a brand new, exclusive Stretch Matrix. This set of 3 stretches per workout changes each week and focuses only on the areas of golf where it will have the most impact. 
  • Brilliant specialty programs that offer Speed Training, Balance Training and Long Drive Training
  • And Much, Much More!

"I Have Been Striking the Ball More Crisply…with Greater Flexibility in My Hips..."

"I found my core strength improved. This was evident in my increased ability to stay stable in my lower body during the backswing and the initial transition move. I have been striking the ball more crisply.

I have experienced greater flexibility in my hip pelvis region. I am hitting the ball higher than I have in quite some time."

- Stephen (handicap 21, age 59)

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Pro Golf Workouts

Pro Golf Workouts  (value = $99) 

Name a player on tour and there is a good chance his workout is included in this exclusive offer. Find out the workout exercises and nutritional strategies of popular players like Henrik Stenson, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Jason Day...and many more. 

  • Henrik Stenson loves an exercise called the Dragon. See which exercises he performs in his challenging 7 1/2 minute workout routine specifically for golf.
  • Rickie Fowler has 3 separate weekly workouts including a power workout, full body functional workout and strength and endurance workout. 
  • Justin Thomas favors active mobility training to power his workouts.

*Each player has their own trainer or team they work with. We are not their trainers. We are simply reporting the workouts the players or trainers have posted themselves or revealed in interviews.

Bullet Proof Abs for Golf

Bullet Proof Abs for Golf  (value = $39) 

Abs! Abs! Abs! Check out these very fun and challenging ab exercises. Make your mid section strong to power those long drives and learn some brand new ab exercises to keep you motivated. Each ab exercise is labeled as 'easy', 'intermediate', 'advanced' and even 'very advanced'. How many ab exercises can you do? 

  • Build bullet proof abs from the inside out
  • Produce your most powerful swings with the least amount of effort

Physical Faults and Fixes 

Physical Faults and Fixes  (value = $27)

This is one of my most compelling books to date. I have outlined the top 10 most common swing faults and exactly what exercises or stretches can help correct it immediately.

There is a very specific and carefully designed exercise and stretch program for each swing issue. My exclusive top 10 includes  how to stop a slice, how to prevent a hook, all upper body swing, how to improve balance, build better core strength, improve power, increase distance, improve your hip and shoulder separation and prevent a reverse pivot.

"I Can Definitely Confirm that I Make a Better Shoulder Turn Resulting in an Increase in Drive Distance."

"I can definitely confirm that I make a better turn which has resulted in an increase in my driving distance (avg. 7 to 10 yards). I also feel less tired at the end of a round resulting in less mishits and more consistency overall. Overall better resistance and flexibility. My legs are less tired at the end and I can maintain my rhythm. I also have less back pressure or pain (when putting) and seem to be recuperating faster from the efforts."

- JP (12 Handicap)

"The Exercises Have Really Helped with Turning All the Way Through"

"Just a note to let you know how thankful I am. Luckily our weather is still pretty nice and we played golf today. I’m still doing all those great exercises and they’ve helped a lot. I’ve been working on a better follow through, so I’m not hitting it to the right so much. The exercises have helped me with turning all the way through."

- Kathy (31 Handicap)

"Overall just the general feeling of health I have gained from this program is really amazing...."

"I’ve been having some hip-related issues that have significantly limited my golf game. Previously, if I had played golf I could not finish 18 holes due to the exhaustion in my hips and hip muscles. However, five weeks into this program I went out and played 18 easily and with very limited pain. The stretches really helped loosen up my hips and the strength program helped rebuild the muscles that previously fatigued surrounding my hips. Rebuilding the muscles that I have previously worn out has allowed me to return to the sport I love! Overall just the general feeling of health I have gained from this program is really amazing. My abs and low back are stronger than ever so I don’t have to swing as hard to still be able to get the results I need."

- Please don't use my real name for privacy reasons

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"My shoulder turn improved about 30-40% at least. My hip rotation really improved also."

I really got a lot more flexible. My shoulder turn improved about 30-40% at least. My hip rotation really improved also. I learned that my glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings had a whole lot more to do with golf than I had ever imagined.

I had never viewed stretching as a way to make my body feel better and or feel more alive. I had always viewed stretching as something to warm up with. The wholeness of stretching improved my wellness feeling immensely. I just feel better now – bottom line.

- Michael (9.2 handicap)

"Your body is your greatest asset to an effortless swing"

"Think of your body as your greatest asset to an effortless swing. You get to teach it stability, balance, strength and power and your growth and development become unlimited."

- Susan Hill (Professional Golf Fitness Trainer)

"I've never been in better shape and I've never felt more optimistic about my game..."

"I've never been in better shape and I've never felt more optimistic about my game."

- Steve  (CEO)

The Body for Golf 2.0 Program is 100% Guaranteed to Work For You, especially IF…

  • You’ve been playing golf for more than 2 years and have not seen any decrease in handicap.
  • You’re always ‘out driven’ by another golfer half your age (or more) and/or a fraction of your size!
  • You lack energy while playing and often feel fatigued.
  • You’ve NEVER achieved your FULL potential in golf
  • You always have one nagging injury after another that takes forever to go away.
  • You constantly feel weakfrustrated and tired both on and off the course.
  • You have bad habits that are impossible to break.
  • You are looking for a fresh perspective with your game and a specific program to follow.
  • You want the opportunity to play your best and want to see which exercises and stretches are best for you.

Are you ready to experience the following benefits by using our new program?

  • Increase your drive distance by 15 to 20 yards or more, although you may be thrilled with an additional 10 yards (just ask a tour player how important a few more yards would be to their game)
  • Increase your energy levels so you feel refreshed and ready for the back nine. Perhaps even finishing with more energy than when you started! 
  • A lean, strong and flexible body to ensure powerfully maximize every shot and feel so hot you’re on fire.
  • The edge in your golf game so you can be fierce competition for even the most serious golfers (There will always be another level of competition. How are you staying prepared?)

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • New Body for Golf 2.0 program
  • Pro Golf Workouts
  • Bullet Proof Abs for Golf
  • Physical Faults and Fixes for Golf

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Get Instant Access to body for golf 2.0!

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