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Golf Workouts by Swing Fault

Did you know you can target specific swing faults and perform exercises, stretches, and drills to fix them.

You can fix a lateral sway, hanging back on your left, lack of power, not enough body rotation, a reverse pivot and even your rhythm and timing...all with the right corrective moves. 

This is absolutely powerful when you see it work for your swing and your game. 

Golf Workouts by Trouble Spot

Every golfer is built differently and so is their swing.

Some golfers have really tight shoulders while other golfers struggle with a hip turn.

Some golfers have recurring injuries that require exercises and movements to address their trouble spots.

With more than 50 individual workouts, you can rest assured all of your current needs will be addressed. 

Golf Workouts by Targeted Training

Different times in your golf longevity calls for different needs and desires with your game.

You may be working on better balance, gaining more core strength, working on your flexibility or improving your speed.

Each workout segment is individualized so you can work on what you need and want today while making room for more workouts down the road. 

Golf Workouts by Age and Experience Level 

There is a workout for every kind of golfer and every level.

Each workout is categorized by age group and experience level so can follow workouts for juniors, seniors, golfers who travel,  golfers who want to focus on a simple warm up...and the list goes on and on. 

If you're a beginner at fitness, intermediate or advanced, there's a golf specific workout for you. 

These Golfer's Started Playing to their True Potential... You're Next...

Results After Just 6 Weeks!

Stephen, Age 59

Handicap 21

“I Have Been Striking the Ball More Crisply…with Greater Flexibility in My Hips…”

Michael, Age 63

Handicap 9.2

“My Shoulder Turn Improved about 30-40% At Least!”

J.P., Age 62

Handicap 12

“I Can Definitely Confirm that I Make a Better Shoulder Turn Resulting in an Increase in Drive Distance”

Cathy, Age 65 

Handicap 31

“The Exercises Have Really Helped with Turning All the Way Through”

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“I'm so glad I finally took the first step and got this book…”

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