An Amateur Golfer's Guide to Greatness

How to Conquer Any Course...Any Simply Knowing Which Shot to Execute 

Learn the right type of shot for every lie...from buried lies to fluffy sand to deep rough and every shot that matters in between

You're Missing Out on Most of the Fun in Playing Golf 

Did you know different golf courses favor different golf shots and playing styles? 

Augusta National is known to favor those who have mastered a draw while other famous courses reward those with a natural fade. 

The better golfers are able to play a variety of different shots depending on what the golf course calls for.

If your idea of playing golf is 'going for the pin' with every shot you take, then you're missing out on most of the fun in golf...and the exciting challenges it presents.

While golf is known to be a relaxing and fun leisure activity, most golfers also love the thinking part, too.

Have you ever had one of those moments on the golf course where you're scratching your head and asking..."how the heck do I hit that?"

You might be surprised to know the majority of golfers don't know how to hit a simple draw, a fade, or get out of a fairway bunker with ease.

Now is the time to become a more versatile player by learning how to play the right type of shot for every lie. 

Give Your Game an Instant Upgrade...

You'll Start Shooting Lower Scores and Celebrating More Personal Victories 

  • Highly effective - learn the 9 different types of golf shots that every player needs to shoot lower scores.
  • No more wasting time - protect your body from excessive wear and tear from hitting extra golf shots you don't even need or you'll never use.
  • Makes you a better player - this was designed by golfers who understand golf and what you need to do to improve.
  • Easy to follow - just follow the blueprint that shows you which golf shots to hit in which conditions....easy, enough?
  • Escape the ordinary- too many golfers only play the 3 or 4 shots they know. They lack the knowledge, creativity and understanding of basic ball flight. Become the player to beat...
  • Practical and comprehensive - concentrate on the 9 specific golf shots and simple variations so you can make better decisions on the course. You'll also have more variety in your shot making capabilities. The only golf shots you'll ever need!
  • Perfect for beginners and old pros - this is for any player who wants to shoot lower scores. 

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5 Star Reviews...Golfers of All Abilities Love It!

Patrick M.

Handicap 7

I have so many more shots I can hit now, I love this! 

Steve J.

Handicap 16

This has really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking on the golf course. This has helped me sharpen my skills for sure. 

Jim P.

Handicap 5

This was really helpful to my game. Thanks guys for putting out something any golfer can use to play better. 

This is awesome! I have been practicing all of the 9 shots and it helps me focus on what I need to get better. I've never seen something like this that simplifies the information so well.  

Jen M. // Handicap 27

I'm definitely playing better and I've mastered far more shots. I'm hitting a nice draw and can fade the ball when it's needed to, 

Josh S. // Handicap 18

Every golfers should have something like this to learn how to master different golf shots. It's a must have for every level of player. 

George D. // Handicap 22

Recapture the Thrill of the Game...

Isn't it time you approach each golf shot like you actually know what you're doing?

Imagine the new found confidence, the instant gratification and envy you'll get from your playing partners...

You don't have to be an engineer, a mathematician or a scientist to learn about simple angles that produce the desired golf shot you want to pull off.  

Your game will become easy, fun and effortless, too. 

You don't want to stay on the bogey train forever...this is just what you might need to finally progress and have the peace of mind you want with your game. 

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