Discover Your Weaknesses and Turn Them Into Strengths with...

Golf Core Activation Guide

Boost Your Golf Performance by Activating Your Core

"Very insightful and helpful for all levels of play!"

Susan Hill, Golf Biomechanic and Fitness Trainer

Your Movement Patterns Dictate Your Swing Potential. Learn How to Activate Your Core:

  • Take our simple glute activation test to make sure your glutes are firing at the right time in your swing
  • Learn your most common muscle imbalances and vulnerabilities along with some fast fixes
  • Find out the secrets to isolated strength to reach your integrated swing potential
  • Do you have symmetrical strength and motion to enjoy a balanced swing? Take these quick tests to see...
  • Muscle by muscle - movement by movement: how to sequence your core for maximal integration
  • Evaluate your swing speed sequence to find your missing link for core activation

Ready to Explore Core Muscle Sequencing for the Golf Swing? You are seeing an important shift in the drive distance and overall power off the tee from today's players. Find out some of their Hidden Techniques...and here's a big hint...

It has to do with golf core activation 

Take Self Core Tests and Ignite Your Body's Full Swing Potential 

When you fix your body, you fix your swing. Never in the history of the game has this lesson been more important (and proven). It starts by walking you through which muscles are being activated at which point in the swing. 

Determine Strengths,  Weaknesses and Vulnerabilites

Every golf body has strengths and weaknesses that lead to compensations in your body and your swing. Find out your weaknesses and turn them into your greatest strengths on the golf course. 

Build Isolated Strength and Fully Activate Your Golf Muscles for More Power

Building power from the ground up is not only a matter of learning the technique, but also learning the firing mechanisms of your core muscles. Build symmetrical strength and enjoy full range of motion for better golf. 

Improve Your Sequencing and Acceleration to Achieve Full Power

You've got what it takes...

Simply activate the right muscles!

  • Learn how to strengthen your movement patterns in your swing. 
  • Develop your integrated golf system for better sequencing.
  • Build proper alignment by segmenting body part strength for a more solid base and better posture to nail swing positions.
  • And much more...
  • Learn how to hit the ball smarter, not harder by activating your critical core muscles.
  • Find relief from pain and constant injuries by addressing muscle imbalances. 
  • Divide and conquer weak spots like lateral stability, spinal flexion and extension, hip flexion and rotation.
  • And much more...

Today's PGA Tour players are turning up the heat on drive distance and power. Like it or not, some players are breaking the code on what it really takes to maximize distance off the tee. One of the key ingredients is in integrating the full strength of the smaller muscles of the body into their full potential. 

You are only as strong as your weakest link! Let's fix it and see what you get...

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't enjoy using our Golf Core Activation Guide, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. You have 30 days to enjoy the program and see results. 


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