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7 Golf "Outlier" Experts Lay It On the Line

Your game needs this more than's why...

Want to Be An Exceptional Golfer?

If you want to be an exceptional, independent thinking golfer who gets better than average results, there's a formula for that...

Not one professional or successful amateur relies only on themselves to play better golf.

In fact, every player has a swing coach, a fitness trainer, and a mental consultant they can access when things aren't going their way.

The golf system isn't set up for us regular playing amateurs! The experts are too costly and too difficult to access.  

And not only that, there are too many self promoting gurus and it's hard to know who to trust. You can't just trust your swing or your body with anyone.

No way...

It seems like they want to keep us in the dark so we buy more equipment, more magazine subscriptions and more training aides so we never learn how to improve. 

A little help could go a long way with lowering our scores, if we could access some of the same talent and resources.


and You Need To

It's about time you had your own team. 

We reached out to our own dream team of golf experts. The only caveat is that they had to have experience working with players on tour or at an elite level, know the game inside and out AND be willing to share what they really do and teach their top players.

Our 7 golf outliers aren't into conventional teaching. They come from the most well known golf academies, are known for their unconventional teaching methods, and unique and fresh approach to how to play and IMPROVE. 

Your team includes top Golf Instructors, Physical Therapists, Golf Fitness Trainers, two Golf Biomechanics and Mental Game Consultant...their insights are absolutely invaluable if you want to accelerate your growth in golf. 

"This has so much information, it should be a course."

This is mind blowing how much information is in here. It should be a course. I think golfers are really going to like it. I know I do. 

Over 95 jam-packed pages of mental coaching techniques, golf swing insights, and actual action plans from 7 golf 'outliers' whose passion is in teaching their expertise to golfers. 

You'll get to experience a combination of different experts, all in their respective fields, doing what they do best. 

It's truly what the spirit of golf is all about. It's physical. It's challenging to the mind. It's strategic. It's technical. It's everything and it's the greatest game we've ever played. 

And these golf professionals have been and continue to be successful and challenge the norm for what we already know about golf and how to push the envelope on our learning. They MUST stay innovative and ahead of the curve. 


If their clients don't win, they find other professionals to take their place. So they stay invested in learning and growing for themselves and those they teach. 

Take a look at the kind of material we cover and the level of depth you'll experience to help you play better golf.

Powerful Golf Lessons 

  • Find out how your body type affects your golf swing
  • Want to learn some of the new strategies with the fundamentals? How your personal arm hang influences your set up...
  • Learn the game of scoring from bunker play to lag putting to crucial chip shots

Deep Golf Insights 

  • There's so much to explore: the biomechanics of a successful golf swing, ball flight characteristics and more
  • Dig deeper into the nuances that separate regular playing amateurs from top playing tours and see what little golf nuggets you can uncover for yourself

Changing Behaviors 

On the Course

  • Learn the exact information to determine shot selection on each hole
  • Try this very specific pre shot routine taught to elite level golfers 
  • Discover the proper goal setting method that is appropriate for you based on your current level of play and where you want to go in your future

Velocity and Power Principles

  • Learn about the physical variables that control and determine the velocity a golfer can generate
  • Learn the 3 essential components you need to build speed and power in your swing
  • Explore some specific plyometric moves designed for the lower and upper body to build explosiveness in your swing

Golf Body Primer

  • Discover the 3 physical components of balance and how to make dynamic control work in your favor 
  • How to stretch your way to better flexibility and mobility - both on and off the course
  • Find out the assessment tests routinely given to high profile players from a golf biomechanic who travels and works in a PGA approved fitness trailer on tour 
  • Take tests and receive immediate "rating" results

Managing Shoulder and Back Pain   

  • Let some qualified and experienced physical therapists on tour walk you through some of the challenges with shoulder and back pain and what to do about it 
  • Easiest way to treat and rehab nasty injuries that affect your golf game and how to make them go away for good

This resource is legit. It has more than 130 images (mostly full color) including swing sequences, exercises, drills, and charts which help you understand each teaching method.

You'll learn foundation principles, building blocks to help you get the next level and even reinforce important tactics you may already be doing......just so you know you're on the right track

"I just shot my best score ever on Sunday."

"I think the mind work and drills have already started to do its work, I just shot my best score ever on Sunday! I shot a 64 with 9 birdies and 1 bogey (on the last hole!) One shot off the 25 year old course record. I can already see how this information is going to take my game to the next level, even if I only follow half of what I have learned." 

Thanks again,

Bill, PGA Professional

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