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Talk about a Masterful Collection of Golf...

Let's call this what it is - a labor of love...atleast when it comes to golf. 

Imagine if you were to sit down and go through all of the top youtube videos with the most views and best golf lessons ever shown...

And were to go through instagram and put together all of the very best golf instruction lessons from the world's most recognized experts (including PGA players)...and a few underground, but very progressive leaders in golf. 

Naturally, you would put all of the best golf video lessons in one place so you could download them immediately as you worked on different aspects of your game.

Then...imagine taking it to the next level?

What if you started with the videos, but then had screen captures on all kinds of critical moves and lessons so you could see it in print? had the golf video lessons transcribed so you could watch the video, read the words of the lesson and also follow along with screenshots of the one simple document?

Can you imagine the golf collection you would end up with?

Every single one of your golf buddies would be jealous.

That's what we did for you! It took us well over a month to put it all together and now you get to tap into the minds of some of golf's greatest lessons...EVER. 

You are going to have one of the most satisfying golf experiences you've had in a long time.

Why? Because getting better at golf is FUN! Learning new techniques for your full swing, your irons, chipping tips and putting strategies is REWARDING! 

It's time to make your golf game great again!

Check it out because you've never seen a golf video lesson collection like this...

Let's Explore Some of the Top 40 Best EVER Golf Lessons

Including Some of Your Favorite Golf Topics Like...

How to Strike Your Irons Pure

The 2 Master Moves with Moe Norman

Rotating Your Hips in the Downswing

The Golf Swing Made Simple

How to Hit the Ball, then the Turf

How to Shape Your Iron Shots

Iron Swing vs. Driver Swing

Low Flying Punch Down Shot

Easiest Putting Tip EVER

The Best Lead Wrist Position

The Optimal Putting Stroke

Returning Your Clubface to Target (Properly)

Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway

The Short Spinny Pitch Shot

Best Practice for Impact Position

Shallowing the Club

                 And that's not even half of the topics that are covered....

These Golf Lessons are Short, Instructive and Save You Lots of Time

(while helping you improve quickly)

Putting Steps Made Easy...Try This Proven Technique

"After working and exploring the best putting techniques over a period of 30 years, both Mike Cahill and I come up with what we think is the very best golf putting technique that anybody has in the world."   

Join Tony Finau for a Golf Workout (using no equipment) ...

"Here's a quick circuit that I do at home every day to stay active and mobile. Stability, mobility & flexibility are the three areas I attack with my trainer.

No weights or extra equipment needed. Give it a try!"

Golfer's of all levels and abilities should be able to participate in this workout. You can follow along with video as well as listen to Tony walk you through and demonstrate each exercise. 

Jack Nicklaus Shares Some of His Most Coveted Swing Secrets...

"The single most important element in swinging a golf club—and something that was a hallmark in my swing throughout my career—is a steady head.

I always liked to feel as though I had a stake driven down through my head and through my body and into the ground, and I would rotate around that stake. This is something you can practice as you make slow-motion swings at home."

Here's What You Get...

Imagine if you were to sit down and capture all of the top youtube and instagram videos with the most views and best golf lessons ever shown...

  • Immediate download of the Best of Golf Online featuring more than 100 pages of golf lessons, pro workouts, golf advice and strategies you can start using right away
  • Every golf lesson features screen shots and a link to the full video so you can pick and choose the most valuable lessons for YOU and watch them later.  
  • Includes our favorite Top 40 videos so you can learn from home starting right now (today)

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