By The End of This Season, You'll Probably Wish You Performed These Simple Exercises

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what golfers say

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"I Have Been Striking the Ball More Crisply…with Greater Flexibility in My Hips..."

"I found my core strength improved. This was evident in my increased ability to stay stable in my lower body during the backswing and the initial transition move. I have been striking the ball more crisply.

I have experienced greater flexibility in my hip pelvis region. I am hitting the ball higher than I have in quite some time."

Stephen, Age 59

Handicap 21

"I Can Definitely Confirm that I Make a Better Shoulder Turn Resulting in an Increase in Drive Distance."

"I can definitely confirm that I make a better turn which has resulted in an increase in my driving distance (avg. 7 to 10 yards). I also feel less tired at the end of a round resulting in less mishits and more consistency overall. Overall better resistance and flexibility. My legs are less tired at the end and I can maintain my rhythm. I also have less back pressure or pain (when putting) and seem to be recuperating faster from the efforts."

J.P., Age 59

Handicap 12

"My shoulder turn improved about 30-40% at least. My hip rotation really improved also."

I really got a lot more flexible. My shoulder turn improved about 30-40% at least. My hip rotation really improved also. I learned that my glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings had a whole lot more to do with golf than I had ever imagined.

I had never viewed stretching as a way to make my body feel better and or feel more alive. I had always viewed stretching as something to warm up with. I just feel better now – bottom line.


Handicap 9

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