Using your body to increase clubhead speed

How many golfers are looking to increase club head speed?

Along with faster, more fluid club head speed comes increased drive distance. The two principles work hand in hand. Since this is the one quality almost every golfer seeks to improve. Let’s look at how to make this happen.

Distance is directly related to the swing speed and the ball velocity the golfer can generate off the face of the club.

A golfer’s swing speed is determined by:

1. Athletic ability

2. Quality of your swing movements (think biomechanics)

3. Strength

4. Equipment fitting. Proper specifications can be used to optimize swing speed, quality of contact and shot trajectory.

Quality of movement plays one of the largest roles in creating a more efficient and repeatable swing. One of our main goals with golf fitness is to “unlock” tight shoulders, hips, and low backs, so we can ultimately improve swing efficiency.

How do you currently compare to some of the world’s best golfers in drive distance?

Let’s take a look.

Men’s PGA Tour
Clubhead Speed: 120 mph
Approx. yard: 300+

Ladies LPGA Tour
Clubhead Speed: 100 mph
Approx. yard: 250

Typical Male
Clubhead Speed: 90 mph
Approx. yard: 225

Typical Female
Clubhead Speed: 70 mph
Approx. yard: 175

World Long Drive Champion
Clubhead Speed: 150 mph
Approx. yard: 375+

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